The Layer27 team knows their stuff!   Their offerings around cloud, networking, virtualization, and backup/recovery have helped augment our technical staff to become more strategic which provides increased value to the organization, our staff and customers.

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Layer27 is our go to partner.  Consistently their team of skilled professionals show that they care about our success by providing solutions, services and advice that we have come to rely on.  They have helped us succeed with technology in an ever-changing technology landscape.


Technology is at the core of what enables our staff to provide reliable and secure healthcare services to our patients and partners.  Layer27 has helped us realize our technology goals by leveraging their cloud, security and managed infrastructure services.  We are thankful to have them as a trusted advisor that we rely on daily.

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We have worked with Layer27 for over 10 years!  Over that period, Layer27’s level of professionalism, technology and security prowess has enabled our organization to stay ahead of the technology curve.

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We initially enlisted Layer27 to help remediate and design a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy that met our organization's needs.  We have since partnered with Layer27 to design, implement and continually evolve our corporate network and hybrid cloud infrastructure.


As a leading healthcare provider, Surgical Specialists of Charlotte relies on Layer27 for comprehensive IT support. They expertly design, deploy, and manage our network, servers, and backup infrastructure, ensuring our data and systems are robust and secure. Thanks to Layer27's cutting-edge security solutions, we have peace of mind knowing our patients and data are protected at all times.

Surgical Specialists of Charlotte

Medical Arts Pharmacy trusts Layer27 as our essential IT partner, giving us complete peace of mind with their robust security measures. They not only secure our operations but also deeply understand our business workflows, integrating technology that enhances our efficiency and service delivery. With Layer27, technology works for us, ensuring our focus remains on our patients' health and well-being.

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At C&P Body Shop, we rely on Layer27 to keep our IT systems secure and our operations running smoothly. They truly understand our business needs, allowing us to focus on delivering top-quality service without worrying about our technological infrastructure. With Layer27's expertise, we can confidently say that our data, and more importantly, our customers' information, is in safe hands.

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Oxendine and Barnes Associates PLLC partners with Layer27 for dependable IT management and security solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our legal practice. Their expertise not only keeps our sensitive data secure but also optimizes our daily operations, ensuring technology serves our objectives efficiently. With Layer27, we have the assurance that our network and data are protected, allowing us to focus on providing exceptional legal services to our clients.

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North Carolina Board of Pharmacy entrusts Layer27 with the security and management of our IT infrastructure, ensuring compliance and data protection are at the forefront. Layer27's team understands the critical nature of our work and provides technology solutions that enhance our efficiency and reliability. Their expert support allows us to maintain our focus on regulating the pharmacy profession and protecting public health with confidence.

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