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Gain the freedom to focus on your business with Layer27's Managed IT Services.

Ensure Compliance | Boost Productivity | Minimize Downtime

Rest easy knowing your IT is secure and expertly managed.

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The North Carolina Business Owners Guide To I.T. Support Services And Fees

Safe Start

Layer27's Safe Start ensures your security basics are covered with comprehensive management of your users, computers, and servers. Our essential services include email spam filtering, sensitive information monitoring, customizable spam filters, remote support, daily computer backups, and robust anti-virus/malware protection. We also provide advanced endpoint protection, monitor for mass data deletion or downloads, and guard against bot attacks. Regular updates protect you from fundamental threats, allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Plus, every service call is answered by one of our experienced techs, ensuring you receive prompt and professional support.

Protect Pro

When you demand the absolute best, Layer27's Protect Pro is your ultimate solution. Building on the solid foundation of our Safe Start plan, Protect Pro offers tailored solutions to meet your company's unique needs. We provide full setup, migration, and management of Microsoft Office 365, along with comprehensive cybersecurity measures to safeguard your data, even when working from home or using public Wi-Fi. With our unlimited remote and onsite support, you can rest assured that your company's valuable data is always protected.

Why Choose Layer27 Managed IT Services?

  1. Reduced Downtime: Layer27's proactive monitoring and rapid response minimize downtime, ensuring your systems are always up and running.
Experience seamless operations and uninterrupted business flow.
  2. Increased Productivity: Our expert IT management optimizes your technology infrastructure, allowing your team to work more efficiently. Spend less time on IT issues and more time on what matters—growing your business.
  3. IT That Scales: As your business grows, Layer27's scalable IT solutions adapt to meet your evolving needs. Enjoy flexible, future-proof technology that supports your long-term goals.
  4. Happy Customers: Reliable IT services from Layer27 enhance your ability to serve your clients effectively. Keep your customers satisfied with consistent, high-quality service delivery.


In today's digital age, your business relies heavily on IT.

When software fails, systems crash, or communication breaks down, your business suffers, and so do you. But it doesn't have to be that way. With Layer27's suite of services, your IT concerns can become a thing of the past.

Free Report Cover Image

    The North Carolina Business Owners Guide To I.T. Support Services And Fee

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