If your team is spending cycles on software delivery, they aren't spending time on product development. We offer a wide range of expertise, whether it be continuous integration, containerization, infrastructure configuration and management, logging, deployment, or monitoring.

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Build, test, and deliver your application with continuous integration and delivery. Our consultants can move your release cycle to minutes and developers can keep coding.

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Our combination of expertise in cloud / data center infrastructure, automation, and container management means you get the best solution for your needs.

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Containers give you the flexibility and advantages of being host agnostic, having a smaller footprint, and having predictable resource usage. Layer27 does containers.

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Continuous Software Delivery

Our consultants will help you with your code to fit CI / CD platforms.

Build tool set up and configuration that supports your team.

Production, staging, and development environment creation to fit your needs.

Infrastructure Fit For You

On-premise or cloud, our consultants can tailor a devops solution that fits your business. We have a wide range of experience with different environments and services.

Design for the future. Our consultants will understand your current needs and where you want to grow and implement a solution that scales with you.

We'll provide documentation and training as needed to keep you going or you can use us as an outsourced devops service. We're always here.

Containerize Your Applications

We can work with you on either cloud and on-premise containerization options.

Our consultants can provide guidance on code conversion from monolithic applications to microservices.

Experience the benefits of an auto-scaling, self-healing, and flexible container architecture.